About us

Teaching methods

We adjust the methods used in teaching to the needs of our students so that the final effect is the same as their objectives. This is why we will use different methods towards adult clients, e.g. corporate clients who want to improve their professional communication, and other for school-age students, who need to pass their exams perfectly. Even more varied methods will be used towards small children learning through interactive games. Anyway, we know what we are doing and we can be proud of almost perfect effectiveness (the percentage average result of our students taking Matura exam has been 92.4% so far).

If you are doing something, do it right. That is why we do not forget about the speakers’ accuracy. It is important to be fully understood when you have something important to say. Apart from that, for those learners who have to learn English at their state schools and who are marked for it, learning foreign language with the focus on accuracy can bring amazing profits!


During the classes we will:

  • learn by communication games and quizzes, thanks to which we will know how to exchange views and experience or just talk in English;
  • take part in improvisation activities simulating real-life situations and correct any mistakes that may occur;
  • use e.g. press articles, movie fragments, songs, TV shows and commercials;
  • focus on all of the four language skills, that is: listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • pay particular attention to verbal communication in different situations: common, school, business, social, etc.;
  • use varied exercises encouraging the pupils to spontaneous and creative behaviour during classes;
  • work using innovative educational techniques, e.g. with the use of information and communication technology as well as interactive boards